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Welcome to Build-A-Burger, a family-operated haven for burger enthusiasts!

We’re a close-knit, faith-driven family with a background in nursing—Rick and Melissa, Bobby and Brianna—all united by our passion for mouthwatering burgers.

It all began one fateful afternoon over Rick’s legendary homemade burgers. Inspired by the flavors and the fellowship, we took a leap of faith into the culinary world.

Starting with a modest 16-foot trailer, we initially sold just a few burgers a day. But thanks to the power of community and word-of-mouth, we quickly escalated to selling hundreds of burgers monthly.

Realizing the need for expansion, we upgraded to our current, spacious location.

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What Sets Us Apart

Build-A-Burger is far from your run-of-the-mill burger spot. We pride ourselves on serving extraordinary burgers crafted from 100% fresh ground chuck.

Each burger is meticulously prepared from scratch, promising you a fast yet unforgettable dining experience. Our menu empowers you to create the burger—or bacon-wrapped hotdog—of your fantasies, complete with a side of our hand-cut, homemade-style fries.

Don’t miss out on our hand-breaded chicken tenders and zesty jalapeño poppers! Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite or savoring your meal in our cozy space, we’re thrilled to share our culinary creations with you.

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